Become A Distributor Of Embrace Pangaea™ Products

Are you ready to... 

  • Generate abundant cash flow that automatically comes in your account around the clock in as little as 30 days even if you have never created an herbal product a day in your life.
  • Leap from no products to fully stocked in as little as 7 days using the exact products I used to reclaim my freedom from the rat race so you can spend your time actually living life.
  • Shatter the conventional idea of spending 35+ years working a 9 to 5 with the hopes of finally having "freedom' after you retire.
  • Be a change agent by earning a living by healing your community without having to throw thousands of dollars into research, development, and manufacturing.

What if I told you...that If you’ve got 5 minutes a day you could become financially liberated while uplifting your community?

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  • WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS ranging between 50% up to 88% off the retail price.
  • A contract free environment that allows you to be your own boss.  
  • Freedom from minimum monthly orders so that you can sell at your pace and only reorder when needed. 
  • One-time set up fee of $57 that grants you access to all the benefits of being a distributor of Embrace Pangaea™ products. 
  • Private access to our list of products that are available for wholsale orders.
  • The exclusive opportunity to sample unreleased products Embrace Pangaea™ before anyone else. 


  • One-time complimentary audit of your website OR social media account with lifetime access to the video recording for your reference. 
  • Access to weekly office hours designed to get you positioned to profit. This free support is designed to assist in overcoming any business hurdles SPECIFICALLY relating to being an Embrace Pangaea distributor.
  • The option to be a beta-tester for one of my Passion to Profit online course series that teaches holistic minded people (like you) how to tap into, monetize, and free themselves from the rat race using their God given talents.


1. What happens after I pay the one-time set up fee?  

You can expect to receive an email within 48-72 hours requesting contact information for your business, website, and social media platforms. Simply respond to this email with the requested information, indicate which of your social media platforms you want me to review, and what time on saturday is best for me to call you for our 3 startup bi-weekly consultations. 

2. How long will the startup consultations last?  

Distributors will recieve 1 complimentary startup consultation that is geared towards provided pertinent assistance in growing their business with Embrace Pangaea products. The duration of this call is scheduled to last no longer than 60 minutes.

3. Why is there a one-time setup fee of $57?  

To be real, there have been countless holistic minded individuals that have requested to be a distributor but have not followed through. Going into the new year, I am hyper focused on investing my greatest resource (time) wisely. As a result, I am no longer able to spend hours on a call with "potential distributors" for them not to follow through. The one-time setup fee allows me to work with individuals that are sincerely ready to take charge of their future through earning a living by healing their community. The one-time setup fee ONLY covers the setup for new distributors to have direct access to our wholesale pricing. The set-up fee does NOT cover any of the bonuses since those are FREE requiring no additional charges/fees at all. 

4. What do I need before signing up to be a distributor?  

Having a website and social media are both relevant in this technologically savy world. Having atleast one of those are essential to running a business which is why I highly recommend and require it. Not to mention, I do not provide website or social media building/ceation services which is another reason why you need to have at least one of those prior to signing up.

5. What is the cancellation/refund policy?  

Due to the nature of this program, all one-time set up fees are final, non-transferable, non-refundable. 

6. Do you offer payment plans?  

At this time, there are no payment plans for the one-time set up fee.  

7. Can I contact you before signing up to become a disributor?  

Yes, you are more than free to email me at! Please keep in mind: If you ask a question that is already answered on this page, then I will refer you back to this page. All the information you need to join this distributor program is all spelled out on this page. What you read is what the program offers. What you read is what you will receive. 

8. Can I still be a distributor if I live outside of the United States?

Absolutely! There are currently 3 distributors located in Jamaican and Trinidad & Tobago that wholesale Embrace Pangeae's™ natural hygiene and herbal detox products. 

9. Can I use promotional sales or discounts while placing distributor orders?

In a world where we would get all of our wildest dreams answered, then yes you would be able to do that. However in the present reality, no you would not be able to combine those together. A perk of being a distributor is the opportunity to recieve SMASHING discounts ranging between 50% up to 88% off the retail price.

The Pangaea Discount Expires In:

  • Sign up between now and the next 7 days to earn a living by healing your community at my Pangaea Nation discount of $97. The one-time investment in the setup fee reflects the $97 special discount.  
  • Please be aware, I am limiting the spots to 10 new distributors and already have 6 people signed don't drag your feet when it comes to taking your life to the next level, freeing yourself from the system, and taking charge of your financial wealth!
  • By submitting your one-time setup fee, and distributing Embrace Pangaea™ products you agree to our Standard Terms & Conditions
  • The creation and monitoring of websites and social media accounts will be the responsibility of the distributor.
  • Since this is a distributor program, you will not be able to use any sale or promotions from the regular site, but you will be guaranteed to receive wholesale prices on Embrace Pangaea™ products.